School Starts on 8/20/2017!

For new students, please come at 12:30 PM. There will be a short assessment test for new students to help put them in proper classes.

  • Registration and Fee
  • New students need to fill out the registration form (available at the bottom of this site).
  • Tuition and Fee

    Adult Class $280

    First Child Student $220
    Addition child from the same family $200  

       - old version     $20

       - new version   $55

    Note: If you have bought the textbook in the fall semester, you don't need to buy another one as the textbook is used for the whole school year.

    Cleaning Fee $10

  • Fee refund schedule
  • 75% after 2nd class
    50% after 3rd class
    25% after 4th class
    0% after 5th class